Swamp Horse – Perpetual Drip (Husk Records, 2010)

Posted in Husk Records, Swamp Horse by HOLIDAYS on May 17, 2010

Described as a “bleak and down electronics,” Swamp Horse’s “Perpetual Drip” is a clear indication of the misery that resides in- no, not Cleveland (not even Flint), but Nicholasville, KY. Each of the two tracks are solid renditions of gloom, each featuring a fair amount of depressed noise and guitar work, even featuring a sequence full-on guitar, drum and noise that helps in the overall feelings of despondency with no end in sight. It very well could be the soundtrack to a life that is in a state of- for lack of a better term- stuck.

This is all fine and dandy though, while being “bleak and down,” the music stands solid. By no means is this a kind, sunny day on the porch album, but it is certainly a great listen and well worth future rotations. As it sounds that life may not get any better for these two, I can only hope they stay true to their misery and release more music in the future.

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