ruido latino (2010 Compilado, Hybrid Frequency, & 5ebuts/IS)

Posted in 5ebuts, ACS, Hybrid Frequency, IS, ruido latino, Various Artists by HOLIDAYS on May 18, 2010

Hailing from Colombia, Yecid Ortega has been promoting Latino noise music in Chicago since 2003. Aside from a few popular acts, Yecid recognized a lack of recognition for Latino groups and started ruido latino, a label releasing Latin American compilations, albums, and splits featuring both Latino and Chicagoland artists.

Various Artists – 2010 Compilado

Being fairly unfamiliar with noise acts of Latino America, the 2010 Compilado seems to be a great place to start. Being a joint effort between both ruido latino and Chile based label, ACS- the compliation gives us a nice tour around Latino America featuring acts from Mexico, Columbia, Chile, Peru, Ecuador, and Argentina.

Featuring sounds all over the noise spectrum, from straight-up harsh noise, to even noise accompanied by grind-minded drumming, the compilation does a good job of exposing 16 different acts that most of us would have never known existed otherwise. It’s definitely something you may want to devote your time to, seeing as you’ll likely find something of interest and the tape medium of course isn’t very “track” friend.

Limited to 100 copies on red cassette and packaged in a poly case with red O-card, the overall product is classy one that also includes an informative piece of printed material offering information on all artists who have contributed to the compilation. I recommend this one to all fans of noise. Just as I stated before- you’re bound to find something of interest.

Hybrid Frequency – Basic Elements

While Yecid Ortega is originally from Colombia, Hybrid Frequency was born and raised in Chicago. “Basic Elements” strikes me as one of those albums that if you’d don’t allow yourself to be fully submerged in the music, you may not come out of it with a full appreciation. The album is indeed fairly basic in its nature with each track, or “element” (each track is literally titled “Element 1,” “Element 2,” etc.) carrying plenty of dynamism as loops are organized into constantly changing rhythms and tempos. As the album progresses, the sounds and loops become more interesting and occasionally more energetic. While its a misfortune that “Basic Elements” is extremely limited to 10 copies, a digital copy is provided for free from Yecid himself via Mediafire, and with that said, there’s no reason not to give this one a try. For more information about the project, you can also check out Yecid’s artist statement via Mediafire as well for a further look into HF.

Band Page:

5ebuts/IS – “…”

I’ve certainly never heard of 5ebuts before, but his contribution on this release may have my eye on their future releases. 5ebuts, fronted by Chilean Sebastian Ortiz offers up “Sufre”- a fierce piece of work that is relentless and powerful from the first moment all the way to the very slow fade at the end of the 9 minute cacophony.

The Is track, “Surplus” is a definite turn in events, starting of with a quieter intro that fades in and out for couple minutes before exploding into a thick slab of distorted sound, occasionally allowing other desperate and tortured layers of sound to bleed through the thickness before abruptly stopping, and breifing reprising the calm introduction. While I recommend this if you find it at a fair price, it should be noted that this 3″ CDR is- as was Hybrid Frequency’s “Basic Elements”, limited to a mere 10 copies that are wonderfully packaged in a black cloth baggy containing a mini jewel case.

Band Pages:,

It’s unfortunate that most of the releases on RL are extremely limited, but I’d recommend you check all links given, as some of these releases and many others from Latino America are readily available for download from both the labels. Huge thanks for Yecid for supplying the sounds and history.

Label Pages:,


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