Wasteland Jazz Unit – Marked By Lines (5nakefork, 2010)

Posted in Uncategorized by HOLIDAYS on June 27, 2010

My relationship with Wasteland Jazz Unit has been awfully short- it was probably about 2.5 years ago that I drove from central Illinois to see them open for Wolf Eyes at the wonderful Art Lodge in Cincinnati- a show that didn’t leave me feeling all that curious as to their rather large catalog of releases.

Fast forward to today. Being my first exposure since that show, my expectations of Marked by Lines was fairly hazy. Not quite knowing what to expect, I do know there’s no better way than a C20- in my opinion, the perfect length for most noise releases. The first side starts off promising- loud wailing of horns on top of some heavily distorted feedback- but all too quickly, a droning feedback takes over everything, while the no-longer-as-wailing-horns subside below. The second side is far more interesting, as throughout the entire side you have the constantly abrasive wailing horns and feedback (not nearly as overbearing as the first)- all played in a much more chaotic fashion, delivering a very energetic cacophony.

Both tracks are rather alike, but still very different, and after considering the release as a whole, I feel as if the second track (the more chaotic of the two) was not only the most interesting, but also gave a more tolerable amount of headroom for close listening and enjoyment, while the prior (even being a bit more droning and minimal) had me just easing the volume knob and anticipating the nearing end- the same way I felt when I saw the a couple years ago when I saw them live.

It’s hard to say where I stand now with WJU- I’m not necessarily turned off, but I’m not quite turned on either. With a rather impressively large catalog of releases, it’s hard for me to tell where this one stands without more prior knowledge, but what I can say is that the presentation given by 5nakefork is one of the finest I’ve ever seen (in general). Marked By Lines is packaged in an oversized 6×9 ziplock baggie that houses both a thick piece of cardboard with pasted on artwork and the tape itself literally tied in, and a wonderful little booklet of additional artwork and a few liner notes.

I’m sure current fans of WJU I’m sure would be in for a treat with this one- and with that said, those who are yet to be exposed may be enticed by the wonderful packaging as well as the shorter length.


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  1. kultrun said, on July 6, 2010 at 7:03 pm

    great blog!
    looking forward for updates

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