Feather Ghetto Movers – F.G.M., Portable Noise Kremator – Moeilijk Doen (Knife in the Toaster, 2010)

Posted in Feather Ghetto Movers, Knife in the Toaster, Portable Noise Kremator by HOLIDAYS on July 29, 2010

Feather Ghetto Movers – F.G.M.

I think most listeners would be in the same position I’m in- “Feather Ghetto Movers”? What does that even mean? Either way, it didn’t stop me from putting this one in the deck, and even enjoying it.

F.G.M. puts forth some extremely sporadic concrete noise, which becomes immediately apparent on the first side. It’s loud, distorted, and completely jumbled up into little rhythms to complete chaos. While entertaining for the first few minutes or so, it does get awfully repetitive and less interesting as the rest of the side continues on. BUT, the second side redeems the tape well, delivering the same concrete style, but using far more interesting bits of sound, ranging from distorted messes to some fuzzed out guitar. You hear many of the same samples over and over again, but it’s the arrangement that keeps my ear interested.

It’s a bit tough to decipher what the image presented on the j-card actually is, as it’s just a xerox on thin computer paper, but whatever it is, it’s certainly something worth studying for a moment or two. Seems they had more to say on the inside, but it’s falls short in visibility due to the xerox. The tape itself is a recycled one, but it still sounds great and matched the length well. I can’t call this one a priority- probably worth a trade or bargain unless you really dig chaotic concrete noise.

Portable Noise Kremator – Moeilijk Doen

PNK is a noise artist from Belgium who seems to have been around for a few years, but Moeilijk Doen is my first taste. The english translation of “Moeilijk Doen” is “hard to do”, but the actual significance of this is beyond me.

I used to have a roommate in college who often poked fun at the music I’d listen to, describing it as “internet noise”. “Are you connected to the internet?” he’d often asked, and for the first time, he may be right. There’s decent chunk of the first side of this tape that literally sounds like someone having a conversation with their 56k modem. Thankfully, it doesn’t last long, as the rest of the tape turns into a slowly yet constantly morphing beast, going from slow churns, to rough rhythms and synth chirps, ending with a dreaming synth air raid.

The second side begins much like the first, and it’s here that what I’m hearing becomes more decipherable, as it’s not connecting to the internet, but it’s close! More like a cellphone too close to a TV. The sound is completely annoying and we’ve all heard it before. Wait, and what’s this? Yep, didn’t notice it off the bat, but sure enough, it’s the same as the first side. Despite the track listings giving A and B, it’s all jam packed on either side of the tape. Did I notice it at first? Not immediately, but it didn’t take long. So what does it mean for me? Well, either the first side was really, really good and I just enjoyed going through it again, or there was nothing genuinely memorable within, outside of the annoying modem/cellphone/TV sequence in the beginning.

The packaging follows what seems to be Knife in the Toasters usual- thin xerox. The tape itself is a recycled C34, but just as the other, it still sounds good. The artwork is beyond me, showing just a series of X’s and numbers that I can only assume have some value, but to me, they mean very little. There doesn’t seem to be too much offered here with this one, and I’d say it’s passable.


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