Covered in Diamonds and Jewels – Self-Titled (Fabrica Records, 2010)

Posted in Covered in Diamonds and Jewels, Fabrica Records by HOLIDAYS on September 30, 2010

Being a big fan of the last Fabrica release from Luciernaga, I’m very please to be reviewing the most recent release, Covered in Diamonds and Jewels. Consisting of a total of 12 tracks on a C47 (with 6 on each side), the B-side is actually composed of the same 6 tracks from the A-side, but played in reverse. While conceptually played out, it works, as I’ll get to soon.

Just as the Luciernaga tape, I’d like to describe it as ambient music, but with this one in particular, there’s certainly a lot more going on that spans it throughout various genres. Each track is very much alike in instrumentation- blown out bass lines topped with some clean, more soothing guitar work  as well as some other hints of noise and captured dialog thrown into the mix. While overall it’s not exactly warm and relaxing, it certainly carries a nice sobering warmth. As I said for the B-side, it’s a well played out concept that I usually skip over, but in regards to this specific recording, it works. While I find most reverse recordings a bit stressful to listen to, at a nice low volume, I get that same feeling as the first side, from a different and lovely perspective.

The artwork is pretty peculiar- ostriches, money, plants(?)- none of it really means anything to me, but it’s good for a an interesting glance. The tape includes an insert with all the track listings, even going into the reverse side where all the tracks are listed in backwards type, which is a nice touch. While I don’t feel any more elegant after listening to this tape, it’s definitely an enjoyable one. I’m never quite sure who to recommend tapes like these to though- it’s not really noise, it’s not too ambient, etc. Either way, it’s excellent. I’m glad to see Fabrica with new output, and I’ll certainly be looking forward to future entries to their catalog.

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