Dead Neanderthals – Self-Titled (2010, Self-Released)

Posted in Dead Neanderthals by HOLIDAYS on August 31, 2010

This debut self-titled release from Dead Neanderthals is a quick one- spanning about 10 minutes in just 10 tracks- which is a bit too short for me, but it still leaves a lasting impression. Composed of 2 members- one on drums the other on just woodwinds, DN reminds me of a less populated version of the Coughs. Being an instrument group, I personally was left a bit disappointed from that standpoint, but it certainly doesn’t mean it isn’t any good, as I believe I’m listening to it for about the 6th time as I write this review since I’ve gotten it. All the songs are wonderfully structured- sometimes being very short with blasting drums, other times being a bit slow moving. Some songs have a serious feel to them, others come off somewhat cartoonish (a sense I get from a lot of just woodwind groups), but it’s not a bad thing at all, and it really makes the disc as a whole very enjoyable.

The packaging has some nice skull artwork and a 5cm sticker. The 3″ CDr itself is pretty appealing, being a factoring green (as in not painted). If you’re a fan of chaotic noiserock, definitely check this one out, as it can warrants many future spins.

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