Where Is This – Infinite Uh (Bored Bear Recordings, 2010), Where Is This & Fire Island AK – Self-Titled (BTNR, Bored Bear Recordings, 2010)

Posted in Bored Bear Recordings, BTNR, Fire Island AK, Where Is This by HOLIDAYS on August 15, 2010

I’ve said it before- by no means am I fluent in HNW. Aside from a couple major players (The Rita, Vomir), I’m very underexposed to the genre, aside from the few things I’ve heard through this blog. I don’t necessarily want to clump myself in with the group who simply doesn’t understand the genre, but it can be a bit hazy for me. Regardless, my first exposure to Where is This was extremely pleasant, and allowed me to get past a few stereotypes.

First off, Infinite Uh is surprisingly dynamic. While it often drones through simple walls, there’s a lot of memorable parts. I was surprised at how often I rewound the disc to hear certain transitions again. The track transitions are awesome, with zero seconds separating the sound quality (at least to my ears) three tracks- each roughly ten minutes in length, making this an easy release as a whole to sit through, especially if you’re not as into the genre. Maybe Infinite Uh doesn’t quite follow the traditional themes (or maybe rules?) that I hear in the more popular HNW releases, but unlike a lot of those, I definitely anticipate spinning this disc a few more times, and enjoying each rotation. I would certainly recommend this to both fans, and non-fans of the HNW genre. It’s limited to 25 copies, so if you’re interested, you may wanna move quick.

Collaborating across the Atlantic, Where is This of Ireland and Fire Inside AK of the east coast throw together some pretty decent sounds, promoting it with some pretty risque artwork (excellent hand-numbering placement, by the way). While I was hoping for something more like Infinite Uh, I was still pleasantly surprised with what I heard. This C40 is a slow mover that requires some attention to appreciate. Self described as drone, PE and noise, the entire tape does a decent job of bending the genres and creating some wonderful sounds that are captivating- odd rhythms, destructive feedback, etc. While not coming of as too extraordinary, it’s still makes for an enjoyable first listen, but it may not promote as many future rotations as Where Is This’ solo work, and also makes me interested in Fire Island AK’s solo work outside of this collaboration.

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