interstates (etc.) – Sanctuary of Memories (Kimberly Dawn Recordings, 2010)

Posted in interstates (etc.), Kimberly Dawn Recordings by HOLIDAYS on May 2, 2010

interstates (etc.) is the solo project of Brandon Greter, operator of Dream Root Recordings. Said to be developed in a manner in which most projects of these sorts are created (just “messing around with some effects petals and a keyboard”), interstates (etc.) shows that one can keep a distance away from the initial just “messing around,” while being able to articulate the mess in to some good music. “Sanctuary of Memories” is a 3″ CDR release broken down into three tracks- all three showing different approaches and sounds, but all just as equally mesmerizing.

“Inescapable Rain in Yoshiwara,” the first of the three pieces stands out the most amongst the other two. Opening with a very low end ambient layer topped off with sounds of junk quietly churning together until half way through when we’re introduced to some less subtle feedback that makes a few sporadic appearances. All ends of sound eventually fade out, leaving us with just the junk as it too slowly fades as well.

“Fog at Toluca Lake” is much different as it opens for the first couple minutes of a slow, quiet guitar riff that is soon accompanied by another guitar feeding more interesting, effected sounds, eventually lending itself as having more of an estranged “rock” sound- dare I say, almost reminiscent of some Boris recordings I’ve heard. Eventually, all sounds overcome one another with churning echos, both forward and reverse.

The final track, “White Claudia” starts of with what sounds like a modulated guitar riff that plays out while constantly being manipulated into chopped up wobbles and all sorts of odd effects. The track plays off almost as a desire to showcase every pedal available- for better or worse- ending with an odd drum beat that slowly fades in through the effects, and abruptly ends. While a bit extensive for my ears with the vast array of modulation, this track still plays very well in comparison to the other two, and really helps conclude this wonderful little disc.

“Sanctuary of Memories” is limited to just 50 copies, and comes in 3″ sleeve with 1 piece of printed material featuring some interesting collage art that may be enticing enough to look at throughout the duration of the release. According to both Dream Root’s site and Kimberly Dawn’s blog, this is still available, and I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for some noise of a slower, tamer nature.

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