Red Electric Rainbow – LSD Sunshine (905 Tapes, 2010)

Posted in 905 Tapes, Red Electric Rainbow by HOLIDAYS on June 22, 2010

It’s when I get to hear a tape like this that I’m reminded why I love music in general. For me, it’s this kind of music that gives me genuine warmth and inspiration as I listen to it. Both sides of this 35 minute tape produces sounds of wonder creating all sorts of tantalizing thoughts and images of calm and soothing as well as fantastic in nature – vast reefs, traveling at light-speed, electric dreams- the works.

While you can objectively categorize this as being ambient music, when really studied, LSD Sunshine has a ton going-  striking me as being more than your average ambient recording.  Floating above warm subtle textures, extremely dynamic and vibrant synth sounds are constantly migrating, never giving a true moment, to which I have no choice but to appreciate each movement as they come.

A truly remarkable tape from an artist who deserves your attention. LSD Suicide makes for a wonderful companion on a clear summer night and is certainly worth more than just a single rotation. And being limited to 50 copies, there’s no better time than now to pick it up.

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