Regosphere / Nick Hoffman – Honeymoon (DumpsterScore, 2010)

Posted in DumpsterScore, Nick Hoffman, Regosphere by HOLIDAYS on June 5, 2010

It’s when a release like this comes along that I can reminded once more that life in the midwest isn’t all that bad. Being my first introduction to both artists, it’s certainly one that leaves me wanting more from both.

Both artists offer up track(s) that are fairly quiet and eerie- like that of a slow, brink of death- from their own perspectives. The first track from Regosphere, “…As A Coffin Nail” lends itself just as that- like putting the last nail in a coffin- starting off slow moving with metal clatter that goes in full effect at the end. His lengthier track, “Gravity of Galatea” is rhythmic, giving cold, minimal synth lines topped with what sounds like indecipherable whispering/breathing that is awfully creepy, and goes on just long enough to question your sanity.

Hoffman’s track, “I’ll be the Doctor”, is rhythmic as well, layering dark and desperate  trumpet echos that play slowly and alterations. The release notes it as being recorded “In A Cold Room”- whether that be an actual place, or a genuine cold room- it certainly goes without saying. Both Regosphere and Hoffman do a good job of providing tracks that compliment each other by giving the same feelings of dark uncertainty.

It should be noted that as I’m writing this, it’s said that there is only several copies of this 3″ CDR left, and being limited to only 25 copies, it’ll be no wonder why it’s gone so quickly. While I may be in the minority with my unfamiliarity with both artists’ music, this definitely gave a great first impression, and I would recommend it to everyone. It seems like it could be an excellent gateway drug to what appears to be lengthy catalogs of releases from both these guys. Get it!

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