Rei Rea – Allergy Bummer (DumpsterScore, 2010)

Posted in DumpsterScore, Rei Rea by HOLIDAYS on May 24, 2010

“Allergy Bummer” supplies a well constructed array of sounds- all of which carry a very serene sense to them. Over the span of 7 tracks nearing 40 minutes, we’re given heavy, churning layers topped with sounds, ranging from delight to dark and occasionally menacing and eerie. No track reflects the same feelings as the prior leaving the release hard to distinguish the overall emotion, but the variety is captivating.

The entire release is embracing, and comes with some truly wonderful collage artwork (click here for its entirety) to stimulate your brain even further while you listen to it. Definitely recommended to those who are already fans of noise/ambience/etc.- though, it may not be the easiest sell to non-genre fans. It’s worth you time, and very well may warrant future rotations in your CD player.

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