Scumearth – Deranged Prototype (R.O.N.F. Records, 2009)

Posted in R.O.N.F. Records, Scumearth by HOLIDAYS on April 26, 2010

“Deranged Prototype” is my first introduction to Alonso Urbanos’ Scumchrist outside of the excellent horror influenced old school grind band, Machetazo, so I allowed myself to go into it with high expectations.

According to the liner notes, the recording was “[played] and recorded live with no overdubs or computers” and it sounds fantastic. The album contains two tracks ranging 10-11 minutes, both similar in overall concept- extremely chaotic/sporadic with brief, dynamic rhythms that massage all ends of my stereo- all-in-all, a comprehensive array of sound. To my own ears, the most notable piece of this release is halfway through the second track, “Acid Storm Degredation” comes an onslaught of echoing, spaced-out oscillation to quick jabs back-and-forth.

Overall, this is a fantastic release and once again, it sounds fantastic. It’s a nice breath of fresh air to tune into an album that sounds as good as this one, in a scene that seems well occupied in more lo-fi, low-budget recordings. While being simply straightforward, chaotic harsh noise (and seemingly not much else), it is recommended. CDR is packaged in a 3″ mini-DVD case with some nice artwork designed by the artist himself.

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