Somnaphon – Normal People (Ack Recordings, 2009)

Posted in Ack Recordings, Somnaphon by HOLIDAYS on September 26, 2010

Talk about something different- Normal People described as “normal music for normal people” is far from that- and definitely far from anything I’ve heard before. It’s actually probably one of the strangest things I’ve heard in a long time. Composed of 5 tracks, this 3″ CDr is like taking a rock/country/acoustic porch tunes and running them a digital bath to soak in. It’s confusing as all hell, but sheds a bit of brilliance at the same time.

The first track sets a standard of digital weirdness as some acoustic guitar work is completely drenched into a digital, bit-crushed mess. The second track stands out amongst them all in my ears with what sounds like a more traditional “band” set up that is once again completely destroyed by this digital sound, but still lends its self a huge, heavy jam. The third track presents clean acoustic with some odd, buried-within-themselves vocals that are a bit hard to find comfort in as a crunchy, fucked up rhythm enters in the rear, all ending slowly.

“blackbath”, the fourth track is of a darker- dark ambient throughout with some oscillating echos going in-and-out as more dark tones easy through making their presence known. Heavy-footed steps echo in just as the track concludes, leaving the last track, possibly being the strangest of the five. Starting off as a complete digital, atonal mess, some charming acoustic guitar work breaks through with some warm and wondrous vocal work like a group of hippies around a fire in the middle of nowhere finally leaving their digital lives behind.

On my own, I probably would have never looked into this release- it’s just not something I seek out on a usual basis, but I’m happy I’ve heard it. I tuned into it on a late night drive home on the interstate, and was pleasantly surprised at how it made me feel. Overall, it was a nice release with a big variety in sound, all drivin’ by what I described before as a “digital bath”. While strange, it’s extremely fascinating for a curious mind.

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