T. Hannum – Mount of All Lands (5nakefork Records, 2010)

Posted in 5nakefork Records, T. Hannum by HOLIDAYS on June 19, 2010

While I’m familiar with Locrian, this is the first I’ve heard of Terrance’s solo work, and in my opinion, his being one half of one of the finest bands out of Chicago, there’s no reason for this tape to be sub-par. Paired up with some aesthetically pleasing packaging put together by 5nakefork, you’re definitely in for one sound product.

According to the label, either side of this tape is described as being an ascent, and a decent- a description that need not be read, as the feeling is strong throughout the release. The first side starts of harsh and abrasive- coming off like quite a push/shove as layers of heavy distortion collide with rhythmic sounds that break through, in-and-out until finally reaching a sort of calm, in which the distortion settles beneath some more relaxed gusts of cleaner, warmer sounds.

The B side- or the decent- starts off calmer than where the first side left off- a bit eerie, but literally like that of reaching the clearing of a mountain top. This time around, it’s winds of distortion that slightly break the blissful sounds in-and-out- leaving enough head room to even allow yourself to dose off peacefully- as the calm lasts through the duration of the recording, until a slowly opened valve delivers a denser sound- giving the decent it’s final release.

Wonderfully packaged, this C20 (said to be limited to “around 50”) is “sandwiched” in by 2 long pieces of artwork- one on heavy brown stock, and the other a transparency- both complimenting eachother well. The artwork- while a bit cartoonish- is still eye catching and fascinating enough to keep you staring throughout the duration of the tape. This tape is an absolute must to all fans of Locrian- but it’s certainly a taste that can rub off on any fan of noise as well. There’s certainly nothing to not like.

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