TxQxB – Spontaneous Death (Hair on my Food, 2010)

Posted in Hair on my Food, TxQxB by HOLIDAYS on August 1, 2010

As of recent, I’ve noticed a lot more noisecore discussion floating around the internet. At the moment, it all seems rather murky to me in regards to where exactly it came from, and where it stands today- all I know is that for the most part, the sounds I’ve been hearing as of recent have been pretty appealing, and Spontaneous Death resonates in my brain as a great entry into the genre.

Spontaneous Death is a quick tape from Norway, spanning just 10 minutes of blasting guitars, fast drums and feedbacking microphones that spans over the course of a few different genres to create the overall “noisecore” sound. All instruments sound blown to bits as if each were turned up as loud as possible, creating a recorded cacophony that I can’t help but call anything short of wonderful . Throughout the course the the tape, the sounds range from grinding rhythms, to completely spazzed out noise/chaos/confusion that ends all too quickly.

It’s an awful shame this tape is so short, but it’ll certainly keep your ready for more. Being pro-dubbed with some bright and decent artwork, it’s a wonderful presentation of the music within by Hair on my Food, I can’t help but recommend this to all fans of extreme/chaotic music.

Band contact: TxQxB [at]

Label Contact:, haironmyfoodtapes [at]