Where Is This / Werewolf Jerusalem (Bored Bear Recordings, 2010)

Posted in Bored Bear Recordings, Werewolf Jerusalem, Where Is This by HOLIDAYS on September 23, 2010

I’m not fragile by any means, but my first impression reminds me that I’ve recently overlapped by metabolism to the point that I should start harnessing my weight gain with protein supplements and work-out regiments- cause this guy looks tough! No clue who he is, but he has his shirt off and he’s on an RR-related release, so we can all draw our own conclusions.

The first side comes from Where Is This, to whom I’ve self-pronounced myself as a fan after reviewing Infinite Uh– which I adored. The sounds I hear on the first side of this tape though are a bit less satisfying, as it’s apparent immediately that we’re not going for any type of HNW style as before- more so a tamer sound. It’s not bad!- don’t get me wrong- just not what I expected. The side starts off sporadic and crumbling with mid-range distortion sounding like that of binary communication or faulty phone line that dance in and out with each other through a lengthy duration- wonderful low rumbles take place towards the end creating somewhat of a small wall of noise that I was hoping to hear, ending in a decent fashion. Interesting to listen to, but once again, not my favorite offering.

I’m familiar with WJ, and by no means is it my favorite project from RR. It’s pretty much exactly what you’d expect- static noise. Though, I can’t project myself as being completely ignorant without pointing out that upon really paying attention, the track is extremely interesting with much more going on than what you may think, but if you don’t have your ear glued to your stereo, it goes by as just another piece of static noise.
Unless you’re a WJ enthusiest, this release may be passable. When it comes to Where Is This, do yourself the favor and grab Infinite Uh first.

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