Plastic Boner Band – The Way of All Flesh (Power Silence, 2009)

Posted in Plastic Boner Band, Power Silence by HOLIDAYS on September 8, 2010

Shame on me.

The Way of All Flesh is an example of my own hypocrisy behind frequent complaints aimed at the ignorance of others who refute music due to an artists name choice (mouth=full). Being a Chicagoland resident, I believe I’ve even seen Samuel Henry’s Plastic Boner Band in action, but didn’t think enough of it to pick up a tape at the time. With all that said, The Way of All Flesh for me equates to 48 minutes aimed at my own ignorance, and reminds me to just shut up and listen.

Composed of 4 well allocated tracks, each does a lot of good on different levels. The first track is a destructive one- long lines of oscillation are constantly bombarded with crushing distorted noise knocking out all other sounds, taming itself near the end. The second track is a bit less dynamic for my ears (sounding more like someone just left their mower on at the end of the season to get all the gas out of it), with some subtle sounds in the background that rarely making a full on presence. The third track is the calmest of the four, consisting mostly of long fades of wobbling oscillation with some eerie whispering creeping in- all of which doesn’t seem to go anywhere but end. The final track is a bit of a rhythmic mind fuck- like something you can bob your head to but still know you’re listening to some pretty harsh noise. In and out, overpowering sounds crush through the rhythm that eventually becomes fairly irritating and messy- evolving and ending in a more chaotic fashion.

Overall, this is a sound release. While CDrs aren’t the most popular medium, the excellent sound quality justifies it, as well as the professional presentation (No DIY here). The artwork is pretty eerie, looking somewhat along the lines of American Girl but with the feeling of Hansel and Gretel. There’s nothing to not like/recommend with this release. It may not be a priority, but it certainly work checking out, so please do so.

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