Filthy Smear – Constipated Albion (Total Vermin, 2009)

Posted in Filthy Smear, Total Vermin by HOLIDAYS on May 4, 2010

You have to hand it to Darren Wyngarde- there’s not a whole lot of people who can audialize “filth” so well and effectively. If you’re like myself, you believe there’s a time and a place to listen to everything, which is really all that is required to enjoy this tape. What time that may be for you, I haven’t a clue, but I’m convinced it exists.

“Constipated Albion” is a 26 minute journey through this “filth,” beginning with what I’ll call an initiation- a bit of hesitation, and we are released (sounds like yacking, but the title may hint something different) into a world of sound that I can only describe as one fucked up carnival ride of scatological proportions. There’s real dynamism with fast drops and quick turns, stopping every once and while to be entertained by some animatronic emetophilists who tell a story that is too absurd to understand because you’re to tantalized by the fiberless diet subject matter- each change in pace bringing you only closer to the end making you feel filthier than when you only guessed what you were getting into by picking up the tape in the first place.

There’s no denying that it’ll take a certain type of person to appreciate this tape, otherwise, it could have potential to rub on some as a sick, guilty pleasure.