Sterilization – Wipe the Slate Clean (WAR, 2010)

Posted in Sterilization, WAR by HOLIDAYS on April 26, 2010

Debut release from both Sterilization (said to be “new project from someone who wishes to remain anonymous, but acknowledges that he has been a part of ‘normal scene’ for the past 10 years” [Sounds excellent]), and new label, WAR.

Self-described as “lo-fi” and “raw” this C30 essentially gives the listener about 15 minutes of material seeing as the second side is a simple loop, but first 15 minutes of material may make it worth it. The first track, ‘Crime,’ starts with some analogue synth chirps that slowly progress becoming more sporadic, and eventually become accompanied by some lo-fi, almost monotone vocals. Half way through, the track takes a different tune with some quieter sounds but harsher, lo-fi growls.

The second track, ‘Degredation,’ (not a typo), gives us a tape loop that is some partially clear dialogue- “[something something something] smack the fuck out of you.” The loop plays plenty of times over (for better or worse), so you have time to decide for yourself. Now, the third track, ‘Punishment,’ in my opinion is what drives this tape. Beginning with some heavy lo-fi pounding with the more growl style vocals coming in sync as well (both inhaling, and out). While being fully informed that the B side was a simple loop, it does come a bit as a disappointment after enjoying ‘Punishment,’ but in its defense, it can be a bit hypnotizing if you let it run all the way.

Limited to 33 copies, and I believe at this time there are still some available. A seemingly decent introduction from Sterilization, leaving me wondering what the next release will sound like. Packaging is minimal- black tape, white labels and artwork printed on copy paper, etc.

Label Contact: WARMONGER88 [at] HOTMAIL [dot] COM