Redglaer – Petals & Scars (third sex, 2010)

Posted in Redglaer, third sex by HOLIDAYS on May 23, 2010

While anticipating something ambient and blissful, what I heard instead is one of the heaviest slabs on tape I’ve heard in awhile. Imagine 60 minutes of sonic experimentation that pulls all your picture frames off the walls, and rattles your glass cabinets- that’s “Petals and Scars”.

The first side gives us tons of rumbling low end feedback accompanied higher sounds of scraping and rattlings, all of which come in and out in gracious long strands with solid moments of silence between- sometimes coming in catching you off guard with each reprise of sound. Each time, the sounds become slightly more energetic, introducing more altered sounds from the same sources.

The second side begins abruptly with a thud, into a long, heavy drone. Slow, yet dynamic, the drone is occasionally accompanied by some small amounts of high-end feedback and some sporadic clanking. Half way through, the tape ceases the low-end massage and replaces it with oscillating chirps, punches of harsh noise and feedback that turns into more-so waves of harsh noise on top of more low-end droning. For a bit, the feedback ends and rather eerie sounds like that of rusty hinges, knife sharpening and random clatter begin, all concluding with more, dense harsh sounds.

By far, this is the most charming looking tape to grace my shelf. Audibly speaking, it’s- once again- one of the heaviest. I absolutely recommend this to people appreciative of sounds of a heavier nature and those interested in low-end, feedback experimentation.

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